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Review: Tall, Tatted, and Tempting (Reed Brothers #1) by Tammy Falkner

Logan Reed is a sexy tattoo artist who is deaf.  Since loosing his hearing at the age of 13, Logan hasn't spoken a word.  Logan has a very close and strong relationship with his four brothers, he lives and works with them, and he is also a man-whore.  But underneath everything, he is fiercely loyal, sweet, and charming.  Logan has never been interested in a relationship, preferring only one night stands.  But when a beautiful, dark haired, dark eyed stranger comes into his tattoo shop and his usual moves of seduction leave him with a bloody nose, he finds himself thinking that he may finally be interested in something more.

Kit is a lost soul who finds herself homeless on the streets of New York City.  She's forced herself into a life of hiding due to her family pigeon-holing her into a position she doesn't want to be in.  She carries the secret of her identity with her everywhere because she's afraid of being found by her family.  When she goes to the tattoo shop with a deep and emotional tattoo design, she finds herself defensively warding off advances from the beautifully quiet, blonde haired, blue eyed artist.

This is the story of Logan and Kit, how they fall for each other, keep each other safe, and grow to love each other.  But can Kit trust Logan enough to tell him her secrets?  Can Logan prove to Kit that he's everything she needs?
~My Review~

I found this book through an advertisement on Facebook via Smut Book Club because it is currently on Amazon for free.  When I read the Amazon synopsis, I felt like I would enjoy this book, and decided to download it to my Kindle.  I'm so glad I did.

The writing in this book is really good.  I didn't find myself criticizing any incorrect grammar (yes, I'm one of those) and it used English that I would find myself using on a daily basis.  I enjoyed that I didn't have to look up words that I didn't know.  I loved that the story is from both Logan and Kit's point of view.  I love books where I can see both of their perspectives.  At the same time, the book is chronological.  Logan's perspective is not just a reiteration of Kit's perspective.  But it's great to read both of their stories.

The characters of Logan and Kit are well developed.  We understand who they are and why they tick the way they do.  We are introduced to Logan's family almost immediately, and I fall in love with Paul, Matt, Pete, and Sam almost as quickly as I fell in love with Logan.  Their story is set up, and they are presented to us in a great way.  I love the relationship that the brothers have, and I really feel like the relationship they have is like a real-life love and friendship.  It's also great to see how the receive Kit and make her a part of their family as well.  Kit's background comes to us in pieces, but it makes sense, since she isn't telling Logan about her real name or where she's from, she doesn't tell us either.

The story progresses well, and the characters' endearing personalities really carry everything.  It was more emotional and heartfelt than I expected it to be, but I really enjoyed it.  One thing I was unsure about was the sign language / lip reading bit.  I understand Logan's disability, and I absolutely loved that his brothers immediately learned sign language so they could speak to each other.  Even Paul's 3-year old daughter is learning sign language.  But what really confused me was the lip reading.  I myself happen to be terrible at lip reading, but from what I understand, lip reading typically only results in about 35% understanding.  That means that two thirds of the time, you can't understand what someone says when you're trying to lip-read.  However, being that Logan has been deaf since he was 13, and hasn't secluded himself from the hearing world, I understand if he can understand more than just 35%.  It just seemed odd that he never questioned what someone was saying if they weren't signing to him.

The conflict in this is good.  Kit does eventually tell him what he needs to hear, but it takes quite a while.  What I did like about this is that Logan likes and respects Kit enough that he won't sleep with her until she tells him her secrets.  He wants her love and her trust, and he won't do anything to sacrifice that.  I really liked that he didn't just want to sleep with her and then leave her.  There is also conflict around Matt, Logan's brother who is suffering from cancer.  This is the conflict that really drives most of the resolution, and I do wish that the resolution hadn't been so quick and abrupt.

The book is about 320 pages long (3019 location points long for Kindle users) but went by quickly.  I know that there is a second book to continue Logan and Kit's story, but I almost wish that some of that story from Book 2 were included into the conclusion of this book since the ending was a bit abrupt.

All in all, I absolutely loved this book.  I loved the relationship between Logan and Kit and Logan's brothers.  I love the story and I plan on continuing to read all of the other books in this series!.

Tall, Tatted, and Tempting
Tall, Tatted, and Tempting

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