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My name is Cami, and my reading tastes have really changed throughout the years.  As a tot, I loved reading easy little books with my parents before going to bed.  Once I started getting older, it took some serious bribing to get me to open a book (I was much more interested in running around outside).  I really didn't read much more than what the school required me to read.  And I didn't like it.  In college, I used the excuse that I didn't have time to read....Unless it was a textbook.  Being an engineering major, I really didn't have much free time, and any extra time I happen to find did NOT go towards reading.

It really wasn't until the Twilight Books came out that I started reading again (and at that, I only read the books AFTER the first movie came out).  My first foray into Romance Books was Fifty Shades of Grey.  When the books first came out, I had no interest in reading them whatsoever.  I promised myself that I wasn't going to read them; I think I convinced myself that they were not worth reading.  In any case, as you can see, I did end up reading the books.  I honestly couldn't put them down.

And thus, the trend of reading more and more books have started.  I have my favorites that I could go back and read over and over, but ultimately, I love new material and I'm excited to keep reading!  I didn't start reading the Fifty Shades books until October of 2013, so I definitely jumped on the bandwagon late.  However, I've loved all the books I've read since then!

The idea for the blog came with the fact that I love sharing my thoughts on the different books.  A couple of my friends read along with me, and I love getting their opinions on different books/characters/scenes, and I thought it would be a lot of fun to blog and get other people's thoughts as well!

I'm always looking for my next read, so I'm hoping that this blog will reach out to others not just to share MY thoughts, but to give me some things to think about as well!

Love and Kisses,


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