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Review: Fifty Shades Freed (Fifty Shades #3) by E.L. James

Now that Ana and Christian are married, they continue to learn about each other and grow as a couple.  Once Ana and Christian come home from their honeymoon, they are back to the real world, where Ana struggles to maintain her sense of self when Christian forces protection due to unseen threats against them.  The threat presented to them is something that neither of them expected, and working together sometimes proves difficult, as Christian always wants to solve Ana's problems for her.

As these threats are targeted against their careers, Ana and Christian also have personal hurdles that they need to move past, which helps them to realize that their love for each other will carry them through anything.
~My Review~

I was really excited to dive into the final installment of the Fifty Shades Trilogy.  Book 2 ends with Ana and Christian getting engaged (I'm still amused that they got engaged after the 11 day timeline in Book 2, but whatever.  It's Fiction.  I get it).  The book starts off with Ana and Christian on their in Europe, and I honestly do not like the structure of the beginning of the book.  The first about 88 pages(ish) of this book focus on their honeymoon, but a lot of it is in flashback form.  I really would have preferred to have everything in order, with a notation of how much time had passed, rather than flipping back and forth from Ana sitting on the beach (and getting herself in trouble with Christian for taking her top off and giving everyone a show) and random parts of either planning the wedding or the wedding day itself and different parts of the honeymoon that have already passed.  Because there's just a separator to show that a different subject is coming up, and no teller as to whether it's past or present, and it makes reading a bit confusing.

Once Ana and Christian return home from their honeymoon, the story progresses to uncover more conflict.  With someone targeting Christian, and potentially Ana as well, the story flows with different opportunities for Christian to be a super overbearing Alpha Male and for Ana to be upset about it.  The story flows, the conflict builds and is resolved well, and it's an interesting read.  I won't lie and say that the sex scenes didn't bore me like they did in the other two books, because they did, however I did get some amusement from some of the interactions (like talking about who cleans the toys when they're done using them).  However, as this book was 579 pages (The longest of any of the Trilogy), there were definitely scenes that dragged and went on for too long. I did feel like this book had a much better timeline.  Whereas in both Books 1 and Book 2 the timelines were extremely short, this book is longer.  There are references to the date during the honeymoon as being August 17, and there are emails at the very end of the book being September 21.  So we actually have a whole month in which lapses throughout this book.  It's still very quick, especially considering everything that happens, but it's better than the 11 days of Book 2.

Ana's Inner Goddess and her Subconscious make appearances in this book, as they did in the previous two books.  However, the Inner Goddess is only referenced 17 times, which is significantly less than in the previous two books.  Her Subconscious is on par with the other two books, making 45 appearances.  Once again, these two characters (we'll call them characters for lack of better terms) really did nothing for me and were not value aded into the book at all.

At the end of Book 2, we got a snippet from the perspective of Jack Hyde, and we realize that his vendetta against Ana and Christian is far from over.  While he stalks the newly engaged couple outside his parents' house, we know that we're going to hear more about him in Fifty Shade Freed.  The conflict with Jack in this book is really done well.  I love how he makes attempts (numerous times) to go after Ana and Christian, and then how his final attempt is built up and resolved.  It's done really well, and I really enjoyed this part of the book.  I feel like a few twists were put into this part of the book with some secondary characters you wouldn't even consider, and it makes it that much more interesting.  Also, the reason why Jack is so determined to bring Christian down is very interesting.

I loved the Epilogue that is written into this book.  It takes place in May of 2014, about 2 1/2 years after the last scene, and it really shows how Christian and Ana have grown. One of the best parts, in my opinion, are the extra scenes after this, all written from Christian's point of view.  I love reading not only his clips as a child, but I love reading the first chapter of Fifty Shades of Grey from his POV.

At the end of the day, with Fifty Shades being the first books that I read in the "Contemporary Romance" genre, I really enjoyed these books.  While they really weren't the most well written books and the plots were a bit weak, they were entertaining and I am really glad I read them..

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