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Review: Locke (Corps Security #5) by Harper Sloan

Maddox Locke is his own worst enemy.  He endured a terrible and verbally abusive upbringing, a monster of a mother, a selfish prick of a brother, a deviant of an ex-girlfriend, and the horrors of war.  His life is shrouded in darkness and while he is always the healer of everyone else's problems,  he keeps everyone at arm's length to keep them untainted by his past.

Emersyn (Emmy) Keeze has been in love with Maddox since their first meeting at the Corps Security office.  Besotted with grief and guilt over the death of Cooper, Emmy flees Georgia to hide away from her friends and the man she loves.  Not knowing that Maddox loves Emmy just as much as she loves him, she's caught off guard when Maddox makes it his mission to finally bring her home.

Will Maddox and Emmy rise above the darkness that has consumed them both?  Will Maddox finally accept the love that Emmy wants to give him?  Will they be able to rise above everything or will their pasts tear them apart forever?
~My Review~

This is the last book in the Corps Security Series by Harper Sloan.  After having read all of the other books in the series (Axel, Cage, Beck, Uncaged, and Cooper), this was probably the one I was looking forward to the most.  I have had a not-so-secret crush on Maddox Locke since Axel's book, and I was incredibly disappointed to find that his book would be last.  However, I feel as though this book, out of all of them, was the most soul searching book, therefore it kind of makes sense that Locke's book would be last.

Once again, Harper Sloan writes another good book.  I have no complaints in the writing.  We've already read about Maddox and Emmy in the previous books, so while we have a little bit of background information on them from earlier reads, I feel like they are developed very well in this book.  We get a solid understanding of who they are and what makes them tick.  While we knew some of Maddox's secrets (we knew he was injured in the war and was an amputee, we knew that Ash had found a picture of his "worst nightmare" hidden in the closet), there really was so much more to learn.  Emmy's past really did surprise me, and I realized that I really didn't know anything at all about her.  I was interested to read that Emmy wasn't as clean cut as I originally thought her to be.  She definitely has her own demons to work through, and I was really surprised to find out how she actually came to work for Corps Security.  I honestly just assumed that Greg Cage, being the ultimate big-brother-protector kind of guy that he is, was the one who found Emmy.  It was a nice twist to find out that wasn't the case at all.

I absolutely loved Maddox and Emmy together.  While Maddox fought to keep Emmy away, Emmy fought to keep Maddox close.  They both had their own issues, but they were able to help each other through just about everything.  As is typical in a Harper Sloan novel, we get to see lots of sex, and I loved Emmy's sassy mouth and Maddox's ultimate Alpha hotness, the ass smacking, and the delicious piercings.  I did feel like sometimes there was a little too much drama, but it all came together in the end.  The first part of the book did make my head spin a bit.  I felt like there was so much back and forth between Maddox and Emmy:  Shared feelings, angry sex, admissions of love, lather, rise, repeat.  Once they were able to get past this, I would have liked to see a little bit more of the actual resolution to get past the conflicts.  They recognize that they have these feelings for each other and want to move forward and fight each other's demons, but we only get a small glimpse at this happening.  We get that little taste, and then there's a time lapse, and all of a sudden conflicts are resolved.  
I understand that there was a lot of conflict written into the story, so not everything can be resolved out on paper (we'd be reading forever), but maybe if there wasn't so much drama written into the beginning of the book, we could have seen the resolution better.

The book isn't too long or too short, running at 260 pages (4121 location points for the Kindle Readers).  This was about the same length as Cooper's book, and just shorter than the others.  However, I felt like it was a good length.  If there was more put into the story I think it would have just been either unnecessary drama or just fluff.

As a bonus, I loved how the song list was included.  I love books connected to music!!

All in all, I liked this book.  It was a real soul-searcher, and I felt like it was the perfect ending to a really fun series.  I'm excited to read about Dani and Cohen in Unexpected Fate, which will come out in 2015!

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