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Review: Grounded (Up in the Air #3) by R.K. Lilley

While James and Bianca have only been dating for a short while, Bianca can finally see James's love for her is just as strong as her love for him.  She agrees to live together with James, whether it be in Las Vegas or New York (or any of James's other properties), but she still has reservations.  Will this be the start of something wonderful, or will it be the nail in the coffin of their relationship?

James and Bianca have a growing need for each other that neither can deny but circumstances beyond either of their control insist on trying to keep them apart.  While the threat of Bianca's father is constantly looming overhead as he suddenly cannot be found, and James's sordid past, James and Bianca are in a constant battle to keep their demons at bay while fighting for their own Happily Ever After.
~My Review~

After reading Book 2, Mile High, I bought this book immediately and started reading as soon as possible.  Grounded picks up literally right where Mile High ended so there was no time jump at all, which I liked.

The book is intense from Page 1.  At the end of Mile High, Bianca, Stephan, and Javier took a redeye back to New York so they could spend the week at James's place.  Bianca just found out that her step-mother had been trying to get in touch with her and that she has a half brother who is only a couple years younger than herself.  She also just found out that her step-mother was found dead the night before and had been killed in the same fashion that Bianca's mother was killed.  So we know there will be drama in this book concerning her father.  The question will be if her father killed Sharon because she reached out to Bianca, or if because he knew Bianca was trying to warn her about what happened with her mother.  Also, what will happen to Bianca?  Will the same fate await her?  Or will she be able to escape the death that her father seems to have planned for her?

With the conflict that is set up right at the beginning, as well as everything that else that happens throughout the course of the book, we're not left bored.  I was happy that all of the conflict that happened was not expected, but not thrown in out of left field, either.  I loved how James and Bianca worked together through things, and when they tried to solve problems on their own, the realized that they needed each other.  They not only battled their pasts, but they were able to work on their relationship at the same time.

Once again, Bianca and James were stellar characters.  They were both a great hero and heroine.  They continued to grow and adapt in this book, while maintaining the qualities that they had in the first two books.  Bianca is still a strong individual who has that submissive / masochistic streak in the bedroom, while James continues to be the Alpha Male Dominant / quasi-Sadist who we love.

I loved all of the sex scenes in the book.  Of course I did.  R.K. Lilley did an amazing job for inventing new and exciting scenes.  Not only were there vanilla sex scenes, but there were scenes on the 4th floor, there were scenes for enjoyment and scenes for punishment.  And all the while, the situations were perfect for whatever was happening in the book in the first place.  I absolutely loved it.  Never once did I feel like there was a sex scene written in purely to take up space.

I loved how Bianca focused a lot on her art in this book.  We already knew from Mile High that she wanted to pursue it more and get ready for a showing, and I loved hearing about it more.  I loved the scenes in her art studio, as well as everything else that centered around her art.  I love how she is still doing work for herself even though her work situation has changed.  It's still something that she can call individual that James isn't providing for her.  I loved that she always maintained her sense of self in not allowing James to solely provide for her; that she made sure she was working for herself, even though James was always right there in case she did need help.

James continues to be doting, tender, and romantic, but it never takes away from the dominant side that we love.  I love how he works through his issues in this book, and while he tries to shut Bianca out, there's no way for him to do that.  I love how he learns that Bianca will always be there for him, just like he is always support her.

I love the story-line that takes place with Stephan and Javier.  I started falling in love with Stephan from page 1 of In Flight, and I started loving Javier in Mile High.  I continue to love them in this book.  They are so good for each other, but they support each other's friendships as well.  It's really Javier who helps Stephan and Bianca grow out of their codependent relationship, and I love that he does that, but still maintains friendships everywhere.

As the book started to come to a close, I was literally biting my nails in anticipation for what would happen.  I loved how we got some other characters Point of Views (Stephan and James), and I loved the depth it added to the end scene.  I knew it had to end on a happy note, but there were still times that I doubted it, and thought that it was so well written!

The Epilogue was actually a double epilogue, and I loved everything about it!  But I'm honestly not ready for the James & Bianca journey to end.  I wish I could keep reading about them, even if it were about their boring everyday lives.  Maybe it's because I know that there's no way their lives would ever be boring.

This book was a little longer than the first two books (373 pages or 6125 location points for Kindle Users), but it needed to be longer because there were a lot of things that needed to be resolved.  But everything was done in a timely manner, nothing was rushed or drawn out.

All in all, I loved everything about Grounded, and everything about the Up in the Air series.  I loved the characters in that they were all somehow damaged but adaptable.  I loved the conflict and the resolution.  I loved the length of the books, and I loved the writing.  Yes, I was still annoyed over the "[name] and I" issue....but I think I can put it on the back burner and not really think about it because everything else about the books were amazing!

A Happy Ending to a series that really earned its 5 stars!!!.

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