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Review: Tall, Silent & Lethal (Pyte/Sentinel #4) by RL Mathewson

This is the book that will change it all……

Never again……

Christofer lives by those words while Cloe would rather die by them……

Too many years living on the run, of always being seen as nothing more than a monster and a freak, has left Christofer cold and distant. He hates his life, his fate, but he’s made promises and nothing on earth will stop him from keeping them…

Except for the woman that invades his world, takes him by surprise, aggravates him, gives him hope and makes him wish that things could be different, but they can’t……

Not unless he’s willing to risk everything.

Cloe doesn’t need anyone, doesn’t want any complications, but things quickly change when she accepts a job that destroys her world and brings her the one thing that she never thought she’d find again…

~My Review~

If I told you I loved R.L. Mathewson, you might not believe the extent to which I really love her.  I've already reviewed The Game Plan, and when I finished that book, I decided I needed more RL.  So I started in on the Pyte / Sentinel series.  This was my first dip into any kind of Paranormal Romance (since Twilight) and I absolutely loved it.  I read all of the books in the series and I loved all of them, but I'm only going to review the latest book, Tall, Silent, & Lethal.

Christofer has been on the run for years.  He lives with his sister, who is in her 80's, but he still has the body of a twenty-something year old.  Christofer knows nothing about what he is.  He has met a few people over the years who have clued him into the world of Vampires, but since he can walk in the sun, he doesn't understand himself.  He is seen as a monster and a freak, and therefore lives a cold, distant, and isolated life.  He is happy living in his own little bubble where everyone ignores him, and he ignores them back.  What he hides from he outside world is that he is strong, caring, possessive, and willing to do whatever it takes to help the people he cares about. 

Chloe is fiercely independent, strong, caring, and kind.  She doesn't stay in one place very long but is excited for the new job that she's just moved into town for.  While she met Christofer on her first venture into town, she doesn't know that Christofer is the brother of the woman she's going to be taking care of, and Christofer is so strongly drawn to Chloe that he's afraid he won't be able to control himself.

I loved both Christofer and Chloe.  I loved seeing how they interacted with each other and how they finally addressed the connection between each other.  I felt so bad for Christofer, that he had been walking through life with no knowledge of who or what he is.  I also felt bad for Chloe because of the trauma that she experienced, and loved how Christofer and Chloe supported each other.

The story itself was so good.  I loved the conflict and resolution.  The story between Christofer and Chloe presented a conflict within itself, and then there's Christofer learning about who he is.  There's also amazing story around Chloe and why she's been running for so long, and what she's been running from.  The way this story unfolds and how Christofer and Chloe overcome the challenges presented to them are written so well.  And at the end of the day, the humor that is always written into RL Mathewson's books is ever-present and so much fun.

As in the other books of the series, the characters from the other books of the series, Ephraim, Madison, Chris, Isabella, Caine, Danni, Kale, and the rest of the clan all come together in this book.  I loved how they wove their way into the lives of Christofer and Chloe and really hope that we get to see many more of everyone in the subsequent books.

The book was on the long side, but not once did I feel like the story dragged or had unnecessary drama.  I truly love this new world of Paranormal characters, vampires, Pytes, Sentinels, and Werewolves.  I honestly can't wait for the next in this series, and hope that the sliver of information that was left on a bit of a cliffhanger at the end will give us another great story.

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