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Review: Nobody's Lost (Rescue Me Saga #5) by Kallypso Masters

A standalone novel about two characters with very minor mentions in the earlier books.

Ryder Wilson returned from serving multiple deployments but can't leave the hell of combat behind him. Frustrated and ashamed of his inability to function in the world as well as the veterans he served with, he retreated, choosing to engage only with those he trusted. When retired Master Sergeant Adam Montague sends him on a mission to protect his sister from some unknown danger, Ryder's days of hiding out may be over. Can he fulfill his mission without failing again?

Megan Gallagher has two big-brother Marines bent on protecting her from the evils of the world, but she's tougher than they think. When her older brother sends Ryder, one of his recon Marines, to her doorstep in the wee hours one night following a break-in, she realizes he needs rescuing more than she does. A friendship forms quickly, but unexpected passions run hot and complicate her resolve never to have a romantic relationship, much less marriage. So why are her body and her heart betraying her every time he comes near?

Can these two wounded people lower their defenses long enough to allow love to grow?

The main characters in this book have appeared briefly in earlier Rescue Me Saga books, but this story can be read as a standalone novel and is a new entry point into this ongoing series. Megan and Ryder will appear in later books in the Rescue Me Saga.
~My Review~

I began reading the Rescue Me Saga in early-2014.  I think I found it through a Goodreads recommendation, but it's honestly been so long that I don't remember.  Either way, I have really enjoyed the series.  This book is a bit of a spin-off.  It's about Adam's sister, Megan, who we really only caught a quick glimpse of when Adam went back to see his mother in an earlier book.  It's also about Ryder, who reported under Adam throughout his deployments.

Both Megan and Ryder were well developed characters.  Ryder suffers from severe PTSD, living on his own in the mountains, completely plagued by his nightmares.  Megan is Adam's half sister and living on her own.  After a scare at her apartment where only her laptop is stolen, Adam calls in a favor and asks Ryder to check on Megan.  While Ryder is reluctant to spend time around Megan, he considers this favor called in by Adam to be a serious mission, and insists that since he failed at his previous missions in the Marines, he is going to succeed here.  While Ryder and Megan spend time together, sparks begin to fly.

The story was well thought out and I loved the flow of the story.  I really enjoyed how Ryder and Megan helped each other to overcome their challenges.  There were plenty of plot twists that made me laugh and also brought me to tears.  I loved reading everything that brought Ryder and Megan to their Happily Ever After.  I also really enjoyed all of the different aspects that were brought into this book.  While Ryder has been hiding out in his mountain sanctuary, he is very much a part of the Native American rituals and traditions.  It was a nice aspect of the book and I liked the depth that it brought to the story.

While the main conflict of the story that brought Megan and Ryder together was the stolen laptop, there was plenty more that happened until we finally learned why her laptop was stolen and who stole it.  It was a huge plot twist, and I loved how everything came together.

While this book isn't essential to the series and many of the previous characters do not carry over, it's still a really fun read.  While there are some small aspects of BDSM throughout the story, it is presented more as a contemporary romance, which I still really loved.

I have to admit that when this book came out, I was initially disappointed.  Originally, we were supposed to have the release of Nobody's Dream (Luke and Cassie), but it was put on hold due to the author's illness.  However, I was pleasantly surprised with the book we were given instead.  This book was shorter than the previous books, but it was a great read.  I can't wait for the next installment, Nobody's Dream, and I'm excited to see how Megan and Ryder will fit into their story.

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