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Review: Zip, Zero, Zilch (Reed Brothers #6) by Tammy Falkner

The last one to fall…

Sam Reed is the only brother in the Reed family who hasn’t fallen head over heels in love. He has a promising contract to play professional football, but something is missing. Sam likes to watch cooking shows, snuggle on the couch, and he wants someone to do it with him. But with his go-getter lifestyle, it’s almost impossible to find the time to get to know one woman. That is, until he meets the one who makes him want to change his whole life.

A fake name and a world of hurt...

When Peck was twelve, she was called by a different name, lived with a different family, and had no prospects whatsoever. But now she finds herself the drummer in an all-girl band, makes more money than she ever dreamed possible, and she’s content. Until the day her birth mother shows back up.

Fame. Fortune. Stardom. Adolation.

Neither of them wants it.

They both have it. But can they have more?

~My Review~

This is the sixth book in the Reed Brothers series by Tammy Falkner.  I became a tad obsessed with this series after reading Tall, Tatted, and Tempting...My love for Logan and the Reed Brothers apparently knows no bounds.

This book expands on the new relationship between Sam Reed and Peck, the drummer of the band Fallen from Zero.  They originally met in Paul's book, and I think it was love at first sight for both of them, they just don't realize how the other feels.

Once again, the writing in this book is just as good as the other books and the story is from both Sam and Peck's point of view.  We know a bit about Sam since he's been mentioned in all of the previous books, and we learn a lot about Peck in the book.  I feel like both characters are well set up.  We already knew about Sam playing Pro Football, as well as his love for cooking, but it is expanded upon.  All we knew about Peck going into this book really was that she was the drummer for Fallen from Zero, and that she knows sign language.  We had a clue from a previous book that she has a severe speech impediment, and that is expanded upon greatly.  All of the Reeds are involved in this book, and we get more about Peck's other bandmates and sisters who were mentioned in previous books.  Both characters have a ton of family support, and I love how Tammy Falkner writes about such close knit families.

Sam and Peck really support each other in this book.  They have to get over their insecurities with each other, especially Peck's stammer.  I really liked how as the book progressed, not only did their relationship strengthen, but they also strengthened as individuals.  Sam helped Peck to look past her stammer and not be embarrassed by it, and Peck allowed Sam to be who he wanted to be (A football player who liked to cook) without making fun of him.  I absolutely loved how Sam called Peck 'cupcake' throughout most of the book - a name that he gave to her in Paul's book when Peck was over at the apartment and wouldn't eat one of Sam's cupcakes.

Since sign language has such a presence in this series, I liked that Peck and all of her sisters know it as well.  Not only does it tie the two families together, but it also gives them some commonality.  While Sam and Peck have no problems communicating, I like that Sam works with Peck to not use sign language as a crutch around him.  At the same time, he doesn't push her and make her feel uncomfortable, but recognizes when she talks to him and doesn't stammer at all.

As in the other books of the series, the conflict and resolution in this book is good.  Can Peck get past her insecurities (not only her stammer but her physical insecurities) and love Sam the way he loves her?  Will a surprise visit from Peck's birth mother ruin things, or will Sam help Peck get through everything?  Will they be able to work around Band touring schedules and Football schedules?  And will they trust each other while on the road?  There was a lot to get over in this book, but I felt that the resolution was also good; it wasn't abrupt and things seemed to flow well.

One thing that I really did love was the continued relationship between Sam and his brothers.  There's a storyline that pertains directly to Logan, and I loved how this played out.  Paul still takes on the role of dad, but he plays it so well.  Pete and Sam are close, but not as close as they were in TTT and SSS.  Matt is great, but we don't have too much of him in this book.  There are also storylines that come in with Peck's birth mother and Bone, and while they both make for some interesting conflict, all of the brothers get pulled in, and the resolution seems to be a bit lacking in this area (for me at least - I would have liked to know more details!).

This book is on the shorter side compared to the other books in the series.  It's about 230 pages (3255 location points on Kindle).  The story moved fast, but it was done well.  Sam and Peck's story ends on a happy note and we're not left with a cliffhanger.  I did have a couple of questions at the ending with a few things that I would have liked answers to.  But Tammy Falkner did say that she will be writing books for all of the Zero sisters (Lark, Fin, Star, and Wren, as well as Seth, Edward, and Gonzo, so it's possible that we get answers there.  With all of the other books, there was a chapter from one of the other sibling's POV, but we don't get there here.  So I feel like the Reed Brother's story is actually at an end, but we'll get snippets of them in the other books.  I could be wrong, but who knows!

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